Merrymeeting People

Linwood Browne Rideout
1917 – 2007

Linwood Browne Rideout, 90, of Bowdoinham, Maine, died Sunday,
June 10th, 2007, at the Mid-Coast Senior Center, his home for the last couple of
years, though his heart was always at his home he loved so much on the
Abby (officially known as the Abbagadasett) River, overlooking
Merrymeeting Bay.

Linwood was born in Richmond, Maine on Monday, April 16th, 1917,
the son of Philip and Della Rideout, also of Bowdoinham.
Linwood went to school in Bowdoinham, graduating from the
Coombs High School in 1935. He then went on to get his degree in Forestry
from the University of Maine in 1938, and then on to Portland Junior
College finishing in May of 1945.

Linwood served in the US Navy from Oct. 28th, 1942 to Nov. 1st,
1945, and during that time was Skipper of the 539 LCT, landing his crew
on the beaches of Normandy in 1944 Linwood worked for a short time during the summer of 1940 for the Maine Forest Service manning a fire tower while dating his bride to be, “Bid”. During that summer he married his wife of 51 years, Miriam Amelia Browne, daughter of Erle and Hazel Cornish Browne, on July 21st at a small Church in Greenville Junction, Maine. Miriam predeceased Linwood
on July 29th, 1991.

In order to make it through some of the rough times, Linwood and
his wife would sell a quart of milk or pound of butter they made from the
family cow, or sell a dozen fresh eggs gathered from their small chicken
coop. They made maple syrup and canned a lot of goodies from their fresh
garden too.

In 1954 Linwood and Miriam adopted a little boy, later to be known
as their son Mark.

Linwood loved the Bay (Merrymeeting Bay) where he helped the
Browne family with the guiding and sport hunting facility located at
Browne’s Point. Later he and his wife continued this tradition from their
home on the Abby (Abbagadassett) with Linwood guiding all day and Bid
cooking and cleaning the house awaiting the hunters return. She would
have supper ready for the table and lunches all packed for the following
day’s hunt. They continued this family tradition for over 35 years. Though
he hunted and fished the Bay his entire life, Linwood also had strong
feeling about replacing nature’s gifts, from stocking fish, pheasant, and
ducks through the local Rod & Gun Club, to re-seeding the wild rice on the
shores of the Bay. He also frequently gave talks at different public venues
on such things as fishing in the Bay, or harvesting ice on Browne’s Point,
and had a passion for the history of Bowdoinham.

Linwood also had a love for the woods and in 1958, purchased his
own woodlot/tree farm of near 100 acres right on the shores of the Abby,
mixing all his loves, his family, the water, and the woods. Seldom ever did
a day pass by that he did not visit his lot for one thing or another from
cutting fire wood, to cutting pulp wood, and even his famous “Pick Out
Your Own” Christmas tree lot complete with his infamous “Christmas Tree
Cookie”. He also cut and sold Cedar poles when requested, or fir bows for
wreaths, or any other wood product needed, even a select plank to make a
“Bay Scull Oar” from.

While their son Mark attended grade school in Bowdoinham,
Linwood would see that the school was treated to a visit by “Smokey The
Bear” at least once a year, as well as the students being treated to talks
about how paper was made and free samples of this product to take home.
For a brief period of time, Linwood drove a street car in the greater
Portland area taking passengers from South Portland to Portland and then
on to Westbrook.

Linwood’s main job and occupation was Pejepscot Paper Company
in Topsham, Maine where he worked his way to manager of the
woodlands department, from which he retired in 1979, after a 39 year
tour. This job also allowed him to do a lot of traveling to the company
owned property in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, as well as the
Machias area of Maine. These trips also often turned into mini vacations
with his wife and son.

Throughout his life, Linwood received many certificates of
qualification including: Professional Forester, Tree Farmer, Land Surveyor,
Coast Guard Certified Boat Pilot, Duck Hunting Guide, and many more.
Linwood supported many local and national groups such as Ducks
Unlimited, National Rifle Association, Friends of Merrymeeting Bay,
Bowdoinham Snowbirds, Small Woodland Owners of Maine, Abbagadasett
Yacht Club, and Bowdoinham Historical Society just to name a few.
Funeral services will be held on June 18th at the Bowdoinham
Second Baptist Church, the house of worship for the Rideout family for
over 3 generations.

Surviving Linwood are his adopted son Mark of Bowdoinham,
Mark’s 3 children, David Rideout and Rebecca Rideout, both of Rhode
Island, and Thomas Rideout, his wife Beckey, and their 3 children, Ashley,
Tommy, and Tyler, of Massachusetts.

Watercolors by
Sarah Stapler