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Winter Speaker Series on Zoom : 2021-2022

King Philip’s War: Impacts on Merrymeeting Bay
December 8, 2021
Bruce Bourque: Archaeologist, Director
Merrymeeting Bay Pioneer Project

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As we are again finding, the balance of nature is indeed quite precarious. Steve Kasprzak’s Arctic Blue Deserts explains in great detail, how altered circumpolar river flows feeding the Arctic Ocean may have significant worldwide consequences. Read this well-researched book!

To grow awareness of this important and timely subject and to help FOMB’s work, author Steve Kasprzak from Friends of Sebago Lake is allowing us to sell his books.


Federal Court Declares Genetically Engineered Salmon Unlawful 

FOMB Sues Central Maine Power!
(2nd item on page)

New Androscoggin River Upgrade Proposal
(3rd + sign on page)

Centers Pt. Protection Underway!
(Page 2 article)


To preserve, protect, and improve
the unique ecosystems of Merrymeeting Bay.

We fulfill this mission through

Geographic Area

Mid-coast Maine riverine delta consisting of the Kennebec, Androscoggin, Cathance, Muddy, Eastern and Abagadasset Rivers and surrounding towns.



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Dresden Falls Conservation Easement Finalized

Lawsuit aimed at protecting Kennebec
salmon revived



FOMB Sues Central Maine Power! (2nd item on Page

New Androscoggin River Upgrade Proposal(3rd + sign on the page)

FOMB and Friends of Sebago Lake Comments on Draft & Final DEP Orders Modifying Presumpscot River SAPPI Water Quality Certificates to Eliminate Fish Passage in the Watershed for 34 Years. September & October, 2018

Brunswick Androscoggin Dam Killing Fish

Appeals Court finds for FOMB & Environment Maine

FOMB wins EPA lawsuit for alewives passage in St. Croix River

FOMB Member Frankenfish Release

Final Filed Complaint
March 30, 2016



Self Guided Nature Tour of Merrymeeting Bay (PDF):
Terry Porter, Maine Master Naturalist Program, January 27, 2020

Fifty Activities
Kids Can Do at Home

Speaker Series : 2021-2022

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Summer Outside 2019

American kids today spend only four to seven minutes a day playing outdoors.
We hear a new call to raise the "wild child."

To Bee or Not to Bee
Piti Theater Presentation



Centers Point Protection Underway! (on page 2 of PDF)

Dresden Falls (Houdlette) Archaeological Site

Maine Amphibian & Reptile Atlas Project Reporting Form
Please report your Maine reptile and amphibian sightings to MDIF&W using this “Fill & Sign” PDF MARAP reporting form.


Water Quality Data History

Water Quality Data 2020 (xls download)

Plankton Survey:
Summer 2014 Newsletter

Carp Tracking Study
Fall 2014 Newsletter
Summer/Fall Newsletter
Winter 2016 Newsletter




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